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Spiegelgasse 2
Wien, Wien
Tel: + 43 1 513 14 18
This used to be one of Vienna's best jazz clubs, Porgy & Bess; nowadays it houses a hip crowd shaking their tail feathers to house and commercial tunes. The Fledermaus achieved the status of a scene location pretty fast - the action doesn't normally start until 1am. The club is small and decorated with red velvet - fresh air is in short supply most of the night. The location can't be beaten though.
Open Hours: 10pm-5am Thu-Sat

Guess Club II
Kärntnerstrasse 44
Wien, A-1010
Tel: +43 1 585 63 49
This second venue of Guess Club (the original is in the Kaunitzgasse opposite the Apollo cinema) is one of the most modern clubs in Vienna. Style and image are top priority for the organisers, designers and guests alike. Their menu is heavily inspired by the Orient whilst the music is exclusively electronic. Even if one might not describe the location as cosy, the futuristic theme and design of the interior is aesthetically pleasing.
Open Hours: 7am-4am Mon-Fri; 4pm-4am Sat&Sun

Marias Roses
Biberstraße 8
Wien, A-1010
Tel: +43 1 513 22 21
A very suitable location in which to enjoy a pleasant evening of eating, drinking and dancing. The menu offers a fantastic mix of Italian and Mexican food whilst their long "showbar" is a favourite amongst the party people of Vienna. After having drunk your fair share of tequila or sangria, there is a whole basement's worth of dance floor on which to dance the night away. The atmophere typically relaxed for a bar, but only until midnight, at which point the DJs inject some real life into the party with hits from the 80s and the 90s.
Marias Roses is a really upbeat place to be and those who enjoy living it up will certainly make connections here before long.
Open Hours: 6pm-4am daily

Am Heumarkt 2a
Wien, A-1030
Tel: +43 1 710 84 00
Fax: +43 1 710 84 03
The very attractive Meier Pavillion which dates from the imperial period sees its second spring as a clubbing location this year. During the day, it serves as a two-terraced cafe catering mostly to tourists and the older community. The atmosphere at night, however, is distinctly hotter than in the daytime. The club spans two floors. The lower has a somewhat antique flair to it, but nevertheless plays host to some of the town's best DJs as well as some internationally renouned talents in House, R&B, hip-hop and latino. The upper level is a bit calmer, but the basement is where the wildest dancing happens... There accomodate a diverse clientele which changes according to particular events.

Meierei im Stadtpark
Wien, Wien
Tel: + 43 1 714 61 59-0
Meierei is the place to spend summer nights. Not least due to the terrace on which to sit outside and have a break from the last breathtaking song on the dance-floor. The crowd, as the music, is pretty mixed, although not all that many people are older than 25. Check out the programme in the local papers, especially Falter in which you will find a wealth of information concerning what is going on in Vienna at night.
Open Hours: From 10pm Thu-Sat

Nightfly's Club American Bar
Dorotheergasse 14
Wien, Wien
Tel: + 43 1 512 99 79
Nightfly's Club American Bar (what a name...) is a classic cocktail bar, stocking more than 250 different drinks, 300 brands of fine whiskies, 130 rums and plenty more besides. The music played ranges from mainstream jazz to soul. Happy hour is from 8pm-9pm Monday to Friday during which time cocktails are half price. On Sundays the motto is 'as good as it gets', featuring live acts, special drinks and videos - a good time to shake your old bones next to young, beautiful creatures.
Open Hours: 8pm-3am Mon-Wed; 8pm-4am Thu-Sat;


Gymnasiumstrasse 8
Wien, Wien
Tel: + 43 1 479 00 45
Artmayr is the little brother of Anton Frank across the street. Both are among the few places to go to at night in the 18th district. Artmayr is a very comfortable place and the music is not too loud. The audience is mixed, rather older - definitely no teen-crowd. From the outside it would be easy to walk by Artmayr and not even notice it. A absolute must are "Griessnockerl in Himbeersosse" and "Schoko-Palatschinken" - remember these words, as they don't have their menu translated into English. Beer fans rejoice: Artmayr features a different brand of beer each week!
Open Hours: 6pm-2am Mon-Sat; 6pm-1am Sun

Billy's Bones
Schlickplatz 4
Wien, Wien
Tel: + 43 1 310 97 80
Billy's Bones is another part of the omnipresent Irish-Pub-scene. Interesting enough the pub is situated close to a place called "Schottentor", which of course means scottish gate. A couple of green-isle-fans have officially renamed it... Like the comrade-in-arms Charlie P's, Billy's Bones is a relatively big place with an extra room featuring a huge TV-screen. As a matter of fact, Billy's is the place to go to to and watch a soccer game broadcasted live. Happy hour on Sundays and Mondays makes the whole thing even more interesting.

Cafe Seitensprung
Kleeblattgasse 5
Wien, Wien
Tel: + 43 1 535 38 05
Cafe Seitesprung is a small but very attractive bar with remarkably stylish wooden furnishings. There is an excellent drinks menu and cocktails will cost you from ATS 65-105 (EUR 5-10), about average for Viennese bars and pubs. A rarity: cider from a keg! The dark wooden bar and the candles make the place quite intimate, good for couples enjoying a tête-a-tête. Just around the corner you will find a movie theatre, the Artis.
Open Hours: 5pm-2am daily

Charlie P's
Währingerstraße 3
Wien, Wien
Tel: + 43 1 409 79 23
Charlie P's belongs amongst the biggest Irish pubs in the world. Located in the university quarter, it is constantly packed day and night - quite a feat considering the size of the pub. Charlie P's features all the classic assets of a real Irish pub outside Ireland: Irish beers, cider from a keg, a television in every corner to show Premier League sports, a Victorian bar and original snugs! Warm (Irish) food is served until midnight.
Open Hours: 10am-2am Mon-Thu; 10am-3am Fri & Sat; midday-1am Sun

Irish Pub Bockshorn
Körblergasse 2
Wien, A-1010
Tel: +43 1 532 94 38
Vienna's oldest, cosiest, smallest and most grown up Irish pub - the average guest is about 30something. Bockshorn is downtown, full of Irish postcards, posters, bottle openers, mirrors, and Guinness Tucans. Conquering a bar stool after 7 p.m. is a mission impossible and last orders are taken just before 2 a.m. The "Bockshorn" offers Strongbow, Guinness, Smithwick's and Austrian beer from tap besides a couple of bottled and canned brews. Usual pub grub is available. Music is played on an impressive HiFi set.
Open Hours: 4pm-2am


Wine Bars

Bodega y Vinoteca Española
Belvederegasse 10
Wien, A-1040
Tel: +43 (0)1 504 55 00
Most authentic and best Spanish restaurant in town. Far from the Iberian Peninsula, a place with magnificent Spanish cuisine. Excellent tapas and a huge collection of serrano-hams. The wine is flown in directly from Spain, as are the recipes: The chef spends several weeks in Spain every year - for further education.
Open Hours: 6pm-1am Tue-Sat

Spanish Bodega Cadiz
Karmeliterplatz 3
Wien, A-1020
Tel: +43 1 212 86 66
Opposite Schwedenplatz, across the Danube Canal, hidden behind Karmeliter Church is a small and romantic Spanish bodega with dark wooden furniture, candlelight and Spanish music. The menu card changeds daily (vegetarian dishes start at EUR 6.18, a lot of fish and some meat dishes start at 11.99; there is no pork) and snacks, "Tapas", are arranged on trays at the counter. Tapas can be ordered seperatly (e.g. olives, marinated fish, Spanish cheese) or as sets (small 4.72, big 10.54). But as the Cadiz is a "bodega", there is large variety of very good wines. Naturally most of them are Spanish and only 2 white wines are of Austrian origin. Even the "cheepest" Rioja (1/8 l EUR 1.82) is wonderful; and the roasted and salted corn served with every glass of wine makes you thirstier and willing to order another glass...
Open Hours: 6pm-2am Mon-Sat

Unger & Klein
Gölsdorfgasse 2
Wien, A-1010
Tel: +43 1 532 13 32
In Vienna's traditional Textile Quarter, in the first district, small but beautiful establishments are changing the old fashioned, dusty image of this part of Vienna. One of the best recommended addresses to test Austrian and international wines of high quality, to eat Viennas best Tramezzini, to try mouthful of delicious Antipasti or to buy exciting spirits is certainly Unger & Klein. Great architecture, great wines, great dishes.
Open Hours: 11:30am-9pm Mon-Fri, 10am-1pm Sat

Zum finsteren Stern
Sterngasse 2
Wien, Wien
Tel: +43 1 535 81 52
Right in the midst of the lively 'Bermuda Dreieck' (Bermuda Triangle), surrounded by places where the youngsters meet, you can enjoy the calm atmosphere of this wine-bar. From the outside, it looks just like a shop selling wine - numerous bottles are stored on the shelves. Just step inside and you will discover tables and chairs and an inviting atmosphere in which to take a seat and try some splendid wine. The customers are, generally speaking, a good few years older than those in the nearby bars.
Open Hours: 3.30am-12pm Mon-Fri; 2.30-12pm Sat

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