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National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum, located in Reno, Nevada, displays historic automobiles from the late 19th Century up to the 1960s and in some cases later. Most of the vehicles displayed are from the collection of the late William F. Harrah, a casino owner. The collection includes a V-16 Cadillac, a Dusenburg, and numerous air-cooled Franklin automobiles in addition to other early or notable automobiles. Interested persons can "adopt" a car, and assume responsibility for regular cleaning and appearance preservation. Also of note is the "Jerarri." This is a full-size Jeep SUV fitted with a V-12 Ferrari engine and formerly used by William F. Harrah.

Nevada Museum of Art

The Nevada Museum of Art, located at 160 West Liberty Street in Reno, Nevada, is the only American Association of Museums (AAM) accredited art museum in the state of Nevada. The museum is thematic, focusing on the growing interest in the protection of the land. The Museum moved into a larger, four-story structure in 2003, designed by architect Will Bruder. The Museum participates in the Scholastic Art Awards program by providing secondary school students from northern Nevada a place to exhibit their works. A Museum school provides various art classes to help develop art related skills for artists and teachers.

Mt. Rose

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe is only 25 minutes from Reno, nestled in the Sierras at the highest altitude of any ski resort at the lake, some 8250 feet above sea level. Almost 1000 acres with nearly 1500 vertical feet of bowls, trees, and glades complementing the spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the opposing Nevada desert.

National Bowling Stadium

This $43 million facility is the world’s only bowling stadium of its kind, operates 80 championship lanes and is the site of major tournaments. A pro-shop and several restaurants make this a facility that can easily host conventions when not being used for tournaments. But the main attraction for visitors to Reno is the I-MAX theater and its regular venue of adventure films.


Reno's casinos offer a chance to make some money and lose even more - all inside some of the gaudiest rooms on earth. They're mostly located in the downtown area around North Virginia, North Center, and South Virginia streets.
The casinos here are of a more traditional kind, less like theme-parks than those in Las Vegas. But you'll still find plenty of cartoon-like places built in the style of Wild West mining towns, Tuscan villages, etc. The most enormous and improbable are Circus Circus, Silver Legacy, Harrah's, Siena, Atlantis, and the Reno Hilton.

Animal Ark

The Ark is open daily from 10 - 4:30 April 1 - October 31. Admission charged
Animal Ark is a wildlife sanctuary and nature center that shelters animals that don't have the skills to survive on their own. Disabled and orphaned animals such as gray wolves, bobcats, bears, snow leopards and Arctic foxes live in natural surroundings at the Ark. Aside from the animals, the educational displays scattered around the grounds make it an especially appealing learning experience for children.
Although most people can't own a wild animal as a pet, you can do the next thing by adopting one at the Ark. Through their adoption program, you can help pay for the care and feeding of such residents as Mignon, the kit fox, or Shere Khan, the tiger, or Whoopi, the peregrine falcon.

Circus Circus Midway Stage

When Circus Circus Hotel/Casino opened in Reno in 1978, casino patrons were astonished to see trapeze artists and high-wire walkers performing right above their heads as they placed their table bets and pulled the handles of slot machines. The age of the total entertainment concept had been born, complete with an enormous clown as a logo and a pink-and-white-striped circus tent enveloping portions of the building.
Although structural changes during the years have made the circus acts less visible from the casino floor, they can be optimally viewed from the Midway section of the casino. Young and old alike are drawn to the carnival-style arcade at the Midway where they can win stuffed toy animals and other prizes at the more than 30 games available. The circus acts are free and can be seen daily throughout the year from 11 AM to midnight.

Fleischmann Planetarium

the telescope of the public observatory is available on clear Friday nights throughout the year from 8:30 to 9:30 PM.
Admission to the museum, gift shop and observatory is free. Theater prices are $6 for persons ages 13 through 59 and $4 for children younger than 13 and persons 60 and older. The building is open Monday through Friday, except holidays, from 8 - 8 . call for listings and schedule.
Located on a knoll overlooking the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno, Fleischmann Planetarium looks like a saucer-shaped spaceship that has just touched down. Its curious shape is actually a hyperbolic paraboloid canopy that covers the elliptical interior of the building.
Inside you can see all three meteorites found within Nevada, or find out what your real weight would be on the planet Venus, or see how a black hole acts in space. These and many other exhibits are on display in the Astronomical Museum. For many visitors, the real space experience takes place in the domed theater on the lower level where you can see spectacular films about nature and the universe. Lean back and relax in the reclining loge chairs while the show unfolds all around you on the Skydome 8/70 screen

Wilbur May Center

Wilbur May, who was born at the turn of the century, was a wealthy traveller, adventurer, pilot, rancher and philanthropist who spent the latter half of his life in Reno. Wilbur is immortalised by the centre, which includes a museum, arboretum and a kiddies' fun park. The museum has exhibits on May's life, including stuff he picked up on his world travels, as well as a bunch of animals he shot during his time on earth. If you don't mind a spot of taxidermy and you like your museums eclectic, it can be a fun spot.

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