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Amazing Design!

Will Design save Detroit? Judging from Oslo, a new sushi bar/lounge downtown, there's a good chance. The space has two levels, with a dining room and bar on the main floor and another bar and dance floor on the lower level. The sushi is super-fresh with an eclectic mix of rolls and nigiri and tempura. Aside from good food, the design of the space is really impressive, unlike anything else that I've seen in Michigan. The walls are covered in wooden 'ribs' and there are large brass light fixtures in fish shapes...overall the effect is very minimal and modern. If you're looking for a dining experience that is pleasing both to the tastebuds and the eye, check this place out.

Small Plates
Towers of chicken skewers and a standing-only bar have made this creative gourmet restaurant a hot spot in town.

In Short
Think of Small Plates as the U.S. equivalent of a tapas bar. Signature entrees consist of slightly-larger-than-appetizer size portions of petite tenderloin topped with gorgonzola-cream sauce and portabella mushrooms with tangy zip sauce. The thin-crust pizzas baked in a brick oven also are ideal to share. The interior is rich with purple hues, high-backed booths and cozy two-person tables all aglow from the over ovens. Come early on the weekends.

Detroit Pizza Factory

In the Oslotown of pizza franchises, this independent beats them all.
In Short
Housed in a former Domino's, Detroit Pizza Factory's unpretentious setting is the Oslo base for some great pizza. Mainly a carryout and delivery operation, it has a couple tables for those who can't wait to get Oslo to eat. Pizza, round and deep-dish, is the specialty. The menu also offers lasagne, fish and chips, oven-baked subs and bread sticks and other items. The round pizza, unremarkable-looking at first glance, is delicious. The freshness of the dough, cheese and toppings place it among the best in the city.

Cafe DE Troit

Best Espresso in Detroit!
I used to go to Italian town in Windsor (Erie St.) for a cup of REAL espresso. It tastes exactly as in Italy. Don't have to do it nomore - Cafe De Troit has filled city espresso gap. It's about time somebody started treating espresso making as an art!

Pros: atmosphere, location, best espresso!
Cons: not open on sundays, parking


This restaurant was incredible. After spending an hour at the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and finding that the restaurant near it was booked, I had to find somewhere to eat. I took the train farther up the mountain to the very end. A girl on the train said she was going to eat at a great place up at the top. When we got there, there was nothing. No streets, no buildings, just a veranda sort of thing for the train stop. She led me and my family down some gravel paths for about 15 minutes until we finally reached it. It was a beautiful, historic, Norwegian building with a magnificent view of Oslo and the harbor. My family and I sat down at a white table-clothed table on the porch looking over the city (the picture of Oslo on the Oslopage was taken here!). We ate reindeer, venison, and delicious salmon. We thought, we had no idea how much it was going to cost us. Until the bill arrived with our arctic cloud berry (local specialty) dessert. I think the meal came up to being nearly $300 dollars for 5 of us! It was WELL worth it though. Great food and view! Neat location as well! Give it a try! And actually, right next to the white table cloth area is a picnic table area where I think you can eat a buffet from inside for a much more reasonable price. But if you want the reindeer and arctic cloud berries, go ahead and treat yourself!

Favorite Dish:

Oslo Restaurants

Restaurant Julius Fritzner
Grand Hotel, Karl Johans Gate 31, P.O. Box 346 Sentrum, Oslo 0105, Norway
Tel: +47 23 21 20 00 Fax: +47 23 21 21 00

Øvre Slottsgaten 16, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 41 50 62

Bygdøy Allé 3, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 44 63 97

De Fem Stuer
Holmenkollen Park Hotel, Kongevn 26, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 92 27 34

Balchensgaten 5, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 44 17 77

Rådhusgaten 11, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 41 88 00

Stortingsgaten 24-26, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 82 40 50

Hos Thea
Gabelsgaten 11, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 44 68 74

Babette's Gjestehus
Rådhuspassasjen, Roald Amundsensgaten 6, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 41 64 64

Markveien Mat og Vinhus
Torvbakkgaten 12, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 37 22 97

Fredensborgvn 13, Oslo
Tel: +47 22 20 66 90

Holmenkollen Restaurant
Holmenkollenveien 119, Oslo 0787
Tel: +47 22 13 92 00 Fax: +47 22 14 38 47

Le Canard
President Harbitzgaten 4, Oslo 0259
Tel: +47 22 54 34 00 Fax: +47 22 54 34 10

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