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Ciutat Vella

Dot is a dance-bar in the dark and alley-like back streets around Plaça Reial, with a coolness that has made it one of the most popular in the old city. Calling itself a “light club”, Dot consists of two spaces, a red-lit bar area for chat, and a small but functional dance floor, through a futuristic door to the back. The sound system is top, as is the music – Drum’n’bass, lounge, space funk, and club/dance.
Opening hours: Sunday through Thursday from 22.00 to 2.30AM, Friday and Saturday from 22.00 to 3.00AM.
Address: Calle Nou de Sant Francesc 7, 08002 Barcelona

Café Royale:
Warm lighting, the most fought-over sofas in the city and an eclectic selection of music at the hands of DJ Fred Guzzo, based in black roots, are the trademarks of this bar, which has just celebrated its first anniversary. Sophisticated settings, two spaces on different levels, where one can have a drink and move to the sound of soul, funk, bossa, Latin Jazz or orchestra Jazz.
Opening hours: Tuesday through Thursday from 17.00 to 2.30AM, Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 3.00AM.
Address: Calle Nou de Zurbano 3, 08002 Barcelona

Margarita Blue:
A roomy, colorful bar/restaurant that serves very good Mexican food at all hours at moderate prices. On Thursday and Sunday evenings, short performances are held; on Friday and Saturday nights a varied crowd gathers for drinks, nachos and guacamole. As you sip your blue drink, observe the weird, winged light bulbs that serve as lamps, and the tiled artwork of nude, flying women. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, try the Ibizan energy cocktail, the Turbital.
Opening hours: Sunday and Monday from 19.00 to 2.00AM, Thursday from 19.00 to 2.30AM, Friday and Saturday from 19.00 to 3.00AM.
Address: Calle Josep Anselm Clavé 6, Barcelona

Proof of Barcelona’s membership of European café society, Schilling could almost be a sleek modern heir to the sort of grand café that thrived in the days when the Habsburg empire was still intact (even though the place only opened up in 1997). Spacious, elegant, hip and popular – with a particularly large gay clientele – Schilling serves a variety of enjoyable bocadillos, desserts and teas, as well as other refreshments and alcohol.
Opening hours: Monday through Saturday from 10.00AM to 2.15AM, Sunday from noon to 2.15AM.
Address: Calle Ferran 23, Barcelona

If you´re young and glam you´ll fit right in at Salsitas. Everyone is a sweetie, so conversations won´t be difficult. One of those places where you get all dressed up to dance around like a teenager at a school disco. Earlier in the evening it is also a restaurant and from 1.00AM it is to be considered a discotheque, with house, garage and down-tempo sessions from the resident DJs Toni Bass, Sideral and J. Castelló.
Opening hours: Monday through Sunday from 23.00 to 3.00AM.
Address: Calle Nou de la Rambla 22, 08001 Barcelona

Moog expands the Mas family’s empire to encompass techno and electronic dance. An excellent program of name DJ’s keeps this place perennially popular with a happy, young, lively crowd. The dance-floor is smallish and can get tight, but the upstairs ‘70s dance lounge offers some relief. International DJ’s usually guest on Wednesday nights.
Opening hours: Monday through Sunday from 23.30 to 5.00AM.
Address: Calle Arc del Teatre 3, Barcelona

Two separate dance floors and a lounge, featuring techno-house, house and deep-house, electropop and drum’n’bass, respectively. Look? Red and white, with projections. Residence? On Friday Iván Escura. Saturday, Raül. Guests? DJ’s such as Paco Osuna, Tito, Cherry Bomb, Ben Sims, Elías or Baby G, among others. Entertainment? The Mechanical Girls, who will be occasionally joined by Polly Say, a model who has managed to catch the eye of Thierry Mugler and Pierre et Gilles. Discover her yourself.
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday from 1.30AM.
Address: Av. Marquès D´Argentera (Estació de França), 08003 Barcelona

La Paloma:
Loved by many, old and young, La Paloma is a Barcelona institution. Until 1am on Thursdays, (until 2.30am on Fridays and until closing time on Saturdays and Sundays) this ornate old ballroom offers live music (paso doble, cha cha cha or bugaloo, and the occasional visiting group) for a mixed, mostly middle-aged, but always happy crowd. After the live band on Thursday and Friday nights, things change drastically. The place becomes the Bongo Lounge and fills up with a steady stream of sexy young things all ready to groove to the Dope Brothers´ mix of break beat, funk and Latino grooves. Do not miss the super-cool break-dance show by Quassit B-Boy Crew around 3am on Fridays. If you need to catch your breath or exchange numbers with a new `friend´, check out the hidey-holes with plush red sofas. Admission: 6 € – 8 € including a drink.
Opening hours: Thursday from 18.00 to 21.30 and 23.00 to 05.00, Friday and Saturday from 18.00 to 21.30 and from 23.30 to 02.00AM and from 02.30AM to 05.00AM, Sunday from 23.30 to 05.00AM. Closed Monday through Wednesday.
Address: Calle Tigre 27, Barcelona

Club Apolo / Nitsaclub:
This elegant old ballroom has changed hands many times over the years, but has always drawn a crowd. The most recent management has put it to good use with techno-oriented dance parties and concerts. On Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays, it becomes the Nitsaclub, a hugely popular, very young Detroit techno/hard house/electro dance-a-thon. However, two smaller, separate rooms on the balcony level act as chill-out rooms with popular downbeat sets from residents Coco, djd!, and Fra, among others. At 4AM queues to get in snake to the Paral.lel. On other nights Apolo hosts live concerts. Admission: (disco) including 1 drink 12 €, (gigs) prices vary.
Opening hours: (disco) Friday and Saturday from 00.30 to 6.30AM, (gigs) times vary.
Address: Calle Nou de la Rambla 113, 08004 Barcelona


Mond Bar:
The quintessential Gràcia meeting point for fashionconcious/music press-reading twenty somethings. A harmonious mix of pop/lounge, downbeat and trip hop emanates from this tiny split-level bar, where calming pastels and happy punters create a brilliant atmosphere. DJs are mostly homegrown talent, many of who have resident slots elsewhere in town.
Opening hours: Monday through Sunday from 20.30 to 3.00AM.
Address: Plaça del Sol 21, 08012 Barcelona

Mond Club:

Friday nights, the big sister of Mond bar converts a stylish dance hall of the old school into a temple of pop, with candy-jar projections bathing the upper galleries and the stage, three sparkling bars and plush seats for lounge posturing on the balconies. A steady stream of celebrity DJs (Jarvis Cocker, Marc Almond and et al) at the decks are given free rein to take whatever trip down the primrose path of pop tickles their fancy. Fresh-faced Catalan kids and immaculate indie stylists hardly make for a hi-octane dance floor, but if you have no demons to exorcise and can party on three centilitres of apple schnapps and a juicy slice of hand-picked pop, make a date on Friday night. Admission: including 1 drink approximately 9 €.
Opening hours: Fridays only, from 00.30AM to 6.00AM, closed rest of the week.
Address: Calle Còrcega 363, 08037 Barcelona


Fuse becomes a club from midnight on for all of those who, unlike Cinderella, don’t have to rush home then. The savoir-faire of local DJ Robert X, or of such well-known names as Ángel Molina or Raúl Orellana, liven up an atmosphere in which the projections by “Bi-suals” deservedly share the spotlight.
Opening hours: Thursday through Saturday from 23.00 to 4.30AM.
Address: Calle Roger de Llúria 40, 08009 Barcelona

La Fira:
Large, airy space that calls itself a “bar museum”- possibly the wackiest museum in town. It’s furnished entirely with old fairground equipment: dodgems, waltzers, or swings provide the seating, and the several bars and food stands are designed like stalls. One of the liveliest of Barcelona’s more extravagant bars.
Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 22.00 to 3.00AM, Friday and Saturday from 22.30 to 4.30AM.
Address: Calle Provença 171, Barcelona

La Boite:
One of a handful of clubs uptown that pulls in people from across the city, La Boîte is another place owned by the Mas brothers (also see Moog), and is also a good music venue. The long bar hugs the curved walls, and mirrored columns make the space surprisingly intimate. The resident DJ usually plays soul, funk and old Motown favorites, but recently some decent progressive house fixtures have started to attract a younger crowd. The rather small dance floor can get crowded at weekends. Admission: Disco 12 € approx including 1 drink. Gigs 18 €.
Opening hours: from 22.00 to 5.00AM daily.
Address: Avda. Diagonal 477, Barcelona

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