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When you're in Athens you'll probably get the impression the city never sleeps, for when sunset gives way to evening, you'll soon discover that Athens begins to live by night! To a great extent this is true, as no other city in the world offers so many alternatives. Early in the evening, you may want to check out an ancient Greek drama being presented at the Herod Atticus-a theatre dating back from the time the play was written! Or maybe even see a world-famous orchestra playing Mozart at the Megaron, one of the finest modern concert halls in Europe. There's also a nightclub circuit and ethnic music scene here quite unique from anywhere else you'll find in the world.


Type: Eating and Drinking

Athens is a really alive city... It is full of such cafes, people there -especially the young- enjoy their coffee (frape) or other drinks for many hours, in a friendly atmosphere. Most of them are open from morning till after midnight. The cafe you see (in fact, its fountain) is in Keratsini, a suburb near to Piraeus.

Musical clubs-stages

Type: Live Music

Going to small clubs and listen to live music is my favorite kind of entertainment in the night. There are enough such clubs in the city where I live, like "Sfendona", "Metro", "Stavros tou Notou", "Arhitektoniki" etc.

RembetiKo by AndyRG

Type: Live Music

Rembetiko music, the "greek blues", began at the coasts of Asia Minor at the beginning of the 20th century, when Greeks were still living there. It was considered an underground kind of music, as it was mostly listened to by drug addicts, alcoholics, marginal groups. Bouzouki, a musical instrument, was strongly connected with rembetiko music and year by year it became more familiar to the ears. Nowadays, rembetiko is still popular, even among the youth...

Skyladiko (doghouse)!

Type: Live Music

It is the kind of... music which I don't like (however, it is very popular), but I would suggest you to visit such a nightclub, as it would be an unforgettable experience. Usually they are big clubs ("musical centres"), located at the large avenues Syngrou and Poseidonos - this last one is next to the sea. The songs have mainly... stupid lyrics, the music is called "laiki" -it sounds like being in arabic countries- people are often drunk, women (and not only) dance even on the tables -"tsifteteli". There is a... war, also, with flowers, which are thrown to the singers or to any other directions...
Don't miss it!

Even more fun

Type: Dancing
You would be lucky if you could be at a nightclub after a wedding, where relatives and friends go and celebrate together with the bridegroom and the bride. The event includes continuous dancing -like in... skyladiko- till the morning, then everybody is exhausted...
This just married couple -and so lovable to me- is Dimitris, my brother (one year younger), and Christina, his wife. They got married on Saturday 1/6/2002. Kai kalous apogonous!

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